It’s nearly impossible to see conversion success with your content without a successful content strategy going for you. But don’t stress! Here’s a list of tips to help you get better conversions from your content.

Know your target audience

Make a chart or draw up a spreadsheet according to age, location, income, monthly spending habits, gender, pain points and emotional triggers.

By creating these unique personas, you’ll better understand their likes & preferences when it comes to social media platforms and the content they endorse.

This foundation will help you get better conversion success when incorporating it into your content strategy.

Do the work (i.o.w. research)

You can’t get anywhere without proper research. Beyond a simple analysis of how your website ranks, I highly suggest you go deeper. Do a content analysis of trending topics in your niche market.

And take a decent search on trending keywords as well as your competitors’ content strategy.

Google Trends is a great platform that lets you see what people are searching for in real-time, in any location. A must-use tool for any content strategy!

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Design your content around your personas

If your niche market audience prefers presentations over social media posts or likes informative content with infographics, then that’s where you need to focus your time and talent.

Be consistent, stick to your brand voice and make sure your content is relevant, unique and provides value to your customers.

If you struggle to come up with the right words, or you feel like your creativity is not enough to get your message across, then consider hiring a content writer, like me, to help you convey your message in a way that fits you.


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Timing is everything

There’s a lot of info out there to illustrate this, but you can gather your own data on when, where and how much time your target personas spends time on the web. 

By analysing their online behaviour, you’ll have the upper hand when it comes to getting the right content in front of your target audience at key periods of the day.

This is crucial to increasing the traffic to your site and in turn leading to better conversion success.

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Monitor conversion success & feedback

With technology advancing, nothing stands still, and neither should your content strategy. Your aim should be to monitor how it’s working for you by taking a look at user behaviour, levels of engagement, bounce rates, ROI, CPC and so on. 

If you see a decline in any of these areas, it’s a sign that re-evaluation is needed.

You can still feel overwhelmed, even with these simple tips for conversion success. It’s totally understandable. So if any of this sounds foreign to you, or you need help with your content, then I’m your girl.

My services are dedicated to brand & startup content – no matter the need or niche. My goal is to help your content flourish so you can see the greatness in yourself and your brand! 

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