What is a Content Writer? We know content writers are in high demand in our digital age but do we really understand why their services exist? After reading this post, you’ll have an easy understanding of what a content writer is, and the purpose they serve.

Define Content First

You can look up the word ‘content’ in a dictionary, which will give you a pretty decent explanation of what it means. Unfortunately, some definitions sound overly complicated, and our minds usually start screaming: ‘I’m confused!’

So what is content then? Overall content can be statements, ideas, facts and topics published on your web page in the form of images, audio, video, and text.

Simply put, written content is data that comes in many different forms. Without overwhelming you, I’ve summarized the basic types of content here:

  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • FAQs
  • User Manuals
  • Product Descriptions

Content Has Purpose

Think of This: Content serves many purposes. Do you want people to be educated, entertained, or informed by it? Should it bring people together? What problem must it solve?

Struggling to find the right words to answer these questions? If it’s hard for you to describe what your services or products do, then you’re in luck! Because this is my speciality.

As a content writer, l understand the purpose of content. I also know that it has to connect with users. The magic part that makes it all sparkle, is you. And your brand voice of course, which without we would be kind of lost.

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So what is a Content Writer then?

It’s basically a writer who specializes in producing written content that’s relevant, impactful and optimized for search engines.

Imagine This: Your web hosting agency is the interior designer on your website. Their technicians put pieces of content in specific places, but they need to get the content from somewhere, right?

That’s where content writers come in. We are pro’s when it comes to optimising your website’s content. Byt why? All so your business can offer high-quality content that caters to your target audience.

What purpose do Content Writers serve?

I hear you loud and clear. It’s natural to wonder what makes a content writer so special. Well, here’s the thing. We have a a unique skill set that equips us to create great digital content that makes your clients love you.

With the right wording, it should speak to the hearts of your customers, your fans – even your rivals should want what you have. Some of the most important skills that have helped me, help clients to achieve their content goals are listed here:

  • Adaptability
    Change is always happening, especially with technology. In the relationships I’ve built with my clients, I‘ve seen how being adaptable in the material I provide, has meant the difference between success and failure.

    Whether you want to determine your brand voice, get people interested in that new online course you’re struggling to promote, or you dread compiling those weekly posts for your blog, I’m your girl.

  • Research Like A Boss
    Research as a skill needs to separate the bad sources from the trusted ones online, we all know that. Then there’s keyword research as well (more on that topic in another post).

    If you want your content to be engaging and valuable, it needs to well researched through reliable sources, for example, I also try to capture expert advice if possible from influencers in a given niche market.

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  • Solid SEO Skills
    The aim of this blog post doesn’t allow me to chatter on for six more paragraphs on SEO, but for the sake of knowledge, let me highlight the fundamentals quickly.

    Search engine optimized (SEO) content aims to get your website to the top of search engines results pages (SERP) by using keywords and smart tags that users are already searching for.

    SEO content writers, like yours truly, write content in such a way that it matches Google’s ever-changing search algorithms better, without penalizing your site.

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Is There More To Content Writers?

Whether you work with me, or you want to try writing out your own content, the overall approach to content writing should incorporate more than just these listed skills.

A good website content writer also has to have the ability to plan according to deadlines, edit material until it works like magic (yes, it’s that good), and consistently deliver quality content that will effectively convert into sales for you.

In our day and age, being focused on social media as a means of creating content is also important, as it is consistently growing into the most preferred way of doing business online.

Regardless of the various ways content can be researched, created, and optimized, there’s no one content writer who follows the same process, and that’s okay. Nobody wants a copycat. You want someone original, creative and free-thinking like me (not to blow my own horn).

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I wrote this post to help you gain insight into why a content writer’s work is meaningful. I hope to make your life simpler, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

What is your view on content writers?

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