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don’t take my word for it

‘Shurine was extremely helpful. From the first phone call, she gathered as much information as possible, both from me (asking many necessary questions) as well as her own research. Our meeting was informative and was extremely helpful. I would recommend her without any hesitation.’

Emmanuel Da Ressurreicao
Threshold Design

‘I really enjoy working with Shurine, she understands what I need exactly without me explaining too much, she always responds promptly with exactly what I want. It’s a great pleasure working with her. Thank you so much for all your professional assistance. You are so talented in what you doing. I’m sure you will do well and achieve whatever you desire.’

Alice Yang,
Packadvance Innovative Technology

‘Great experience. She took special care of doing the necessary research and gave so much attention to detail. Will definitely recommend her if you struggle to find the right wording or if writing isn’t really your forte.’

Mariaan Coetzee,
TSD Group



So you wanna know more about the wordsmith behind the keyboard? Well, my name is Shurine Pienaar—just so we can get the formalities out of the way—and aside from being a grammarian by trade and an avid reader of all things fiction, I’m always looking for fresh ways to raise the content quality standard.

And if you get to know me well enough, you’ll quickly learn that there’s nothing more attractive to me than people in need. I simply can’t help but help others.

From tweaking your existing web copy to make it look as refreshing as your new brand identity, to making word-magic with thriving blog articles and email copy, my content writing skills aren’t limited to one industry.

With the peace of mind you’ll get from the knowing that your content needs are taken care of, you’ll have time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

My Process


In the grand scheme of things, I like to believe it’s possible for anyone to create great content. For some people it’s just not worth the frustration and time needed to research, draft, optimize, edit and revise a piece of content until the cows come home.

So, if this sounds like you, I’d like to hear what you do, how you do it, and why before we get the ball rolling.

From our first meeting (online, over the phone, in person—I’m flexible), we can collaborate on exciting ideas to help boost your brand’s awareness through targeted content that’s in line with your vision.

And although I’d like to say I do all the copy editing and extra proofreading sessions for the fun of it, my goal will always be to provide you with the best content to help grow your business’ visibility, whilst saving you years of frustration.

In the end, what you’re looking for is tailor-made content to suit your (and your clients’) needs, right?

So let me know what you need me to write about, and how you want it written, and I’ll definitely get the job done. With your seal of approval, your final article, blog post, or master plot to take over the world (just kidding) will be ready to publish for the world to see.

Then, all you have to do is have faith and know that your content will be great.

Ctrl+Z that… It’ll be going to greater heights!



I’m a freelance content writer who’s sold out to the cause of helping people. Aside from my compulsive need to edit and restructure creative content until it shines so bright that NASA can see it, I also specialise in clean, straight-forward conventional and web-based copy that gets to the point and gets people’s attention.


If you’re using a blog or website to drive traffic, you can bet your brand you’ll be needing consistent digital content. And we know that simply slapping a bunch of words and images together won’t make Google love you. Which means there’s a bit of work to be done. Whether it’s the tone, structure, or your brand’s message, all these factors need to work together to target, inspire and motivate your fans to become followers.

If this effort simply isn’t your cup of tea, it most definitely is mine! So contact me for web copy dedicated to help you gain authentic online authority.



You’ve got two choices… You can make your brain sweat to create some content for your social media platforms, then cross your fingers and hope it reaches the masses in a way that will make your conversion metrics sing. Or you could just give me a call and I’ll do all the grunge work for you.

Easy as a Like and Share on Facebook!


Yes, it’s words on actual paper—or newsletters, mailers, posters, catalogues etc. While I love adding clean, creative touches to these content pieces, I also work in partnership with some of the best creative designers and marketing agencies to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Don’t take my word for it. Rather check out what some of my clients say about me.


Not seeing a service you’re looking for? No worries. Custom solutions are also available on request, if you’re a square like me. Send me an email because I’d love to hear from you!



If it’s got words in it, you’ve got me hook, line and sinker. Which is why MY WOR(L)D blog is dedicated to the writing, editing and curating of creative and corporate content to help professionals flourish. Oh, yes! And occasionally I’ll throw in a little something extra about whatever tickles my wordsmith fancy. Read your heart out!

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A miracle might help. Or you can just contact me for content that gets to the point and gets your audience’s attention. I’ll be your resident word nerd to the rescue!

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