How to Stay Productive While You Wait for Client Feedback

Nov 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

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How to Stay Productive While You Wait for Client Feedback


5 Proactive Tips to Help You Stay Productive

I confess, this is not one of my strong suits. I fuss with follow-up emails to make sure that my clients have received my latest content, but I forget that they’re busy people just like me. 

If you feel like me, you’ll appreciate my simple High-Five List of proactive tips that will help you stay productive while you wait. 


I can never function in chaos, but I know a lot of people who thrive in it. If you’re one of them, I suggest making use of the free time to clean out the thingamabobs, old receipts, and other congestion on and around your work space while you wait.


If you’re forever struggling to find that newsletter you’re supposed to email to your clients, then this is a great time to sort through your digital clutter too. Create files according to each niche, client, or project type if that helps.  


Although a lot can change in a week, I firmly believe that planning out your week gives you a greater sense of control for when your workflow picks up again. Even if you don’t get to all your planned tasks, the idea of acknowledging each task fosters a sense of accountability in our brains that will inevitably drive us to see them through.


This is not just helpful for your peace of mind, but also for your creative juices. If your brain has been forced to pump out killer concepts without taking a break, you’ll burn out. Instead, take a step back, recharge and get perspective on what’s important to you and your brand.


Nothing stops you from sharing new content from your blog, a newsletter, or a simple SMS to your clients to keep you on their minds. It’s not just about delivering a service and being done with it. When you connect with your brand’s audience on a regular basis, you encourage engagement. Also, by being consistent, you foster business relationships built on trust.


If you’ve ever found yourself overthinking the silent lulls between projects, you’ll definitely benefit from applying these tips. 

Let me know in the comments what you do while you’re waiting for client feedback, and what other helpful tips you use to stay productive. 

And, as always, keep being great at what you do! 



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